The Journey and Arrival 

The Journey and Arrival
When I first arrived at Faith I thought that it was my destination.

A place of acceptance by a community of loving people.

An antidote to a world of cynicism and harshness

A place of safe rest and peace.
No one told me about ‘the Journey’

No one told me that there even was ‘a Journey’

I had, I thought, arrived at the harbour called faith

I had come alongside and tied on to the mooring.

I had placed my belay on the bomb proof anchor of belief.

Safe and secure, protected from life’s falls.
So the metaphors of

Arrival and 

Journey and 

Tying onto a safe belay 

Became disturbed at the realisation that 

Arrival begat ‘a Journey’ and it was not yet complete.
So, on ‘the Journey’ I am accompanied by a Babel,

a cacophony of



and philosophies.

I am lulled into the false belief that these



and philosophies

are the destination itself.
But no, these



and philosophies, 

and received wisdoms

compete to become ‘the Journey’ itself,

but are only idolatrous illusions of our superior intellect,

Seducing us to become gods 

made in ‘our’ own image.

If only I could filter the competing noises,

I might realise that my destination had been reached back at the beginning,

At the point of accepting the personal saviour, Christ.

He always knew me,

I was His creation and

in spite of all my sin,

He accepted me, always.

So ‘the Journey’ is in fact anchored in the destination,

and the destination is anchored in Him
So as we ask, as we seek,

as we travel on ‘the Journey’

The destination is, in fact,

that bomb proof belay of assurance in the shape of Christ.